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Micro Switch

  • High rellability of Micro Switch.
  • 15A switching capacity.
  • Suitable for high performance.
  • Various kinds of actuators such as push button type, hinge lever type etc.
  • Excellent electric insulation due high tendency of heat resistance & arc-resistance.

P.L.C Support                        Relay

  • The P.L.C Support Relay             PSR-9410 the FA machinery and tools to connect with the P.L.C which it goes round and in order to be suitable in the place which it uses, the portion which the exiating products is insufficient to complement, (Contact : 10A, Operational speed : 10ms, Lift, Bulk)it is a product which is the reliability which is developed newly.

Power Relay

  • P

Relay, Socket

  • R


  • Electonic timer using exclusive ic make time range wide.
  • Compact size make it possible to use in small space.
  • Electric consumption is small. (AC, ABT 1.2VA)
  • Can be used both in hidden and exposed type.                       (KDTR-11, KDTR-20, KDTR-22,  KDTR-30, KDTR-48)

Timing Relay

  • Small but high precision.
  • Attachment area is same as DMR TYPE.
  • Operating is shown by pilot lamp of power on time up .

Floatless Switch

  • Use when toneed control of liquid surface Multi-Purpose for purifying water to be used for agficulture. sewage and dirty water treaments.
  • Easy to install due to small in size and light in weight.
  • Voltge of electrode(2 voltage) is operated by AC 12V.

Indicator, Signal                         Lamp

  • The type which is various (Round type, Diamond type,         Flat type) with hue cred, (yellow, green, white, transparency) with it selects.
  • The price is cheap with the product where the light bulb attaches.

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